Sherwood Chandeliers are custom made for the client, so each one is unique. The riddling racks are available in a range of various finishes and the client is more than welcome to choose the featured wine bottles.

There is also a choice of dimmable bulbs. All bottles are hand sanded and polished to perfection.

Sherwood Chandeliers are available in a range of sizes and numbers of bottles; they can be made in 1, 2, or 3 tiers. Our most popular configurations are:

26" x 19" 20 lights/bottles "Chateau"
25" x 23" 25 lights/bottles "Sommelier"
27" diameter 26 lights/bottles "Circulaire"
44" x 29" 48 lights/bottles "Grand Cru"
59" x 29" 30 or 60 lights/bottles "Grand Cru Superieur"